UTurn 2 Staying Warm



Young People In Tendring Have Received A Hoodie This Winter!

The #UTurn2StayingWarm initiative is to help young people stay warm during winter.

Providing young people with warm clothing for the winter helps to ensure that their physical well-being is not impacted by the cold weather.

Referring A Young Person

How it works:

If you are working with a young person or you know someone aged between 10-18 years old who would benefit from our UTurn2StayingWarm initiative, we can work with you to ensure they get the support they need. 

Who can refer:

A referral can be made by a professional who works with young person aged between 10-18 years old.

How to refer:

Referring a young person to us is simple:

  • Get in touch using the click here button below and a member of the team will get back to you within 5 working days,
  • For urgent referrals, please call our phone line on 01255 879907.