UTurn from Youth Crime with direction from UWD

In 2019 there were just over 60,200 arrests of children (aged 10-17) by the police in England and Wales. This has decreased by 77% over the last ten years, with a decrease of 5% in the last year, but these ​statistics are still staggering. We need to make a change, giving the youth of today a clearer understanding of the dangers and consequences of being involved in violence and/or knife related crimes.

There is a solution locally in North Essex by way of ​UTurn, a registered charity that offers free, confidential information, support, and practical help to young people experiencing personal and socially challenging life situations. UTurn is about empowering and supporting children and young people to improve their life opportunities for a positive future.

Based in Clacton, the charity aims to develop in growth the lives of young people and adults with the professional provision of educational and awareness sessions pertaining to violent crime, designed to increase social welfare, safety and mortality. We provide advice, guidance and supporting actions which advance knowledge, skills and capacities to facilitate a positive contribution to society, representing responsible individuals.

We help young people and adults, particularly but not solely through mentoring sessions, to advance their capabilities and skill set to reduce the risk of further victimisation or offending and enhance their lives for a safer, better future and even during the Covid-19 lock down our UTurn youth workers continue with our endeavours, taking calls from today’s youth, to ensure a brighter tomorrow away from crime.

We would like to thank the creative, professional team at ​Universal Web Design who are passionate about supporting local charities and projects, focusing on the future, the next generation of entrepreneurs and business people. They are kindly providing their professional, expert marketing and communications expertise to our project and we look forward to producing great things with them.

For further information on the incredible UTurn4Support, or to speak to the team in confidence, please get in touch directly on ​01255 879907 ​or contact us on-line here. To assist with fundraising or to purchase merchandise, which will further assist in raising not only awareness, but the charity’s ability to deliver the services offered, please click here.​

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