Crucial Crew

Crucial Crew is a multi-agency event organised by Tendring Community Safety Partnership in conjunction with Tendring District Council. Every primary school within the Tendring area is invited to spend a morning or afternoon session at a chosen location (Clacton Town Hall), with the aim of delivering essential and life-saving safety messages to year 6 children. Each topic has a specific message and safety warnings which are there to help prevent injury and lower risk. This is carried out through a series of real-life scenarios related to personal safety, in a fun and creative way.

The aim of Crucial Crew is to provide a fun and stimulating environment for children to learn to:

  • Become more aware of personal safety,
  • Learn how to react correctly to dangerous and threatening situations,
  • Understand the role the emergency support services play and how and when to contact them,
  • Be aware of their own actions and the safety of others.